Simple & Quality marijuana recipe:
A great way to utilize your raw cannabis or marijuana material if you prefer is by making cannabinoid infused butter out of it. Cannabis contains cannabinoids of different sorts like cbd, thc, cbc, cbn, and many more that are defined as the active compositions that provide a stimulating effect that has medical or recreational benefits. When your not in the mood for inhaling smoke – you can gain great benefit from a careful dose of cannabis butter infused in a home made food of your choice. is a great source for helping with learning about marijuana. Ask yourself this: how do you preference to use cannabis?

Depending, and this is very important: it really depends on the person/individual – how they will react to cannabis. It does not make sense to say one individual will have the same effect when using cannabis in different methods. I’ve personally seen people take 100-500mg of tested cannabis edible product and had acceptable effects although; I have seen people take 15-20mg of cannabis tested edible product and described their effects as a little too much or even uncomfortable. For this reason, we like to see individuals acting in a cautious manner – we advise your infused butter be tested and then when making your food product use math to calculate how much cannabinoids/piece are present. Science and math go hand in hand – use what is known to create a safe and desirable cannabis food product that is agreeable to it’s consumer.

We all know brownies are a long known and used food item to make cannabis products out of but be advised – based on the solvency of standard butter or coconut oil with cannabinoids – it can have an increased effect on the individual; so depending on your food product we again advise ingestion in a rational manner to feel out the effects. We all have heard this: better to be safe than sorry, it can be so true with cannabis or any other product. Food products that are more appealing or tasty can be dangerous when infused with cannabinoids based on the desire to eat more. I’ve personally had to restrain myself when we made an old family recipe of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that were infused – but tasted too good to not have another. Cannabis butter is great for pain ailments in the morning on something like toast that you will only have once for breakfast. Most like toast but it is not something that you want to keep eating over and over which makes it a great food to use with cannabinoid extracts like “canna-butter”.

Basic & Quick recipe for making cannabis infused butter
This recipe makes approximately 2.5LBS of butter – Be advised of your rights for the medical marijuana program or under measure 91/Recreational Oregon Laws. This is intended directly for Oregon users. This information is intended for learning “ONLY”; is not to be misconstrued with actions of creating cannabis-butter. We are not liable for any misunderstanding or inadequate perception of local or state laws. See our Terms & Conditions for further information.

– Melt 3 LBS. of cubed butter (non-salted) into a pot big enough to hold cannabis & butter.
– Turn on heat to barely allow simmer of butter but keep in mind – you do not want to burn your butter or cannabis.
– Put 3 ounces of your cannabis flower trim or bud/cannabis/flower into your pot with butter.
– Stir consistently for 5 minutes to allow all cannabis material to be submerged and homogenized with butter.
– Let your mixture be heated for 3 hours then take away heat and allow to cool in fridge until solidified.
– After solidified – reheat your butter/cannabis mixture for another 3 hours under same conditions. Repeat the heating and cooling steps for 2 days.
– Strain your cannabis mixture through cheese cloth until all cannabis solid material is separated from butter except small particulates that will surely settle into the bottom of your cannabinoid/butter mixture.
– Place liquid butter into a suitable container or containers and place it/them into your fridge away from children or unauthorized entities access to allow cooling.

You have now learned how to make a reliable cannabis butter compound that can be used for purposes to mitigate symptoms of conditions suggested by the OHA under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program – or for recreational purposes allowed under Oregon law. We hope your knowledge expands and seek our other posts on our blog. Thank you – sincerely, Green Knottz LLC ie: “The Local Shop”.


  1. Hi there to every single one, it’s really a good for me to go to see this site, it contains valuable Information.

    • Hello ig,

      Thank you for the positive vibes and feedback. We really appreciate it, we are going recreational soon and will love to have the spare time to regularly update the site with cutting edge productive knowledge to keep our folks up to date on things. Thanks again! Have a great day!

  2. This kind of recipe would be perfect with marijuana strain called afghan kush Marijuana now a days are use not only medically but also in cullinary. Adding cannabis to your food is the alternate way of dosing it for those who don’t smoke.
    But keep in mind that cannabis must be process first before mixing it with your dish. ingesting directly would not release it’s full potential and it will not taste nice.

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