Green Knottz Staff,

November 2016 is a breakthrough in the road for Oregons economy and the future of cannabis. Many notions of old ways have held back quite a few cities and ruined opportunity for not only the schools, police departments, OHA, and thousands of businesses – but it has set a shorthand to fairness on legal productive startups. Greenknottz has promoted safe and economical approaches to the cannabis market by opening legal businesses that help support Oregonians.

We are for local and statewide cannabis legalization and have worked with local governing members to delivery on a proper deadline. Kate Brown passed a bill allowing cities and local governments to move forward with a moratorium on early retail sales last year but now these businesses have a second chance at life to benefit all! Oregonians finally see over 25 Million in recreational cannabis tax revenue directly attributed the the hard working dispensary owners and consumers visiting and participating in the cannabis industry. The skeptical percentage of residents cannot turn a blind eye now to the help this revenue will provide to our children that need whatever we can give them for education. I foresee a 100% supporting of legal recreational sales from city residents because there is no reasonable outcome that takes resources away from our local police departments and school districts. If you live in the city limits and wield the power to vote – we urge you to participate and make the right decision.

This is a new era of wisdom and reasonable people and we intend to right all the wrongs made by our government and money driven individuals. What does the right path have to do with money? In America it seems it has a lot to do with it – but you can make a difference this time by making your mark when the ballot arrives in your mailbox. The projected income from these other dispensaries having the ability to provide cannabis to 21 and older adults is tripple what the current statewide income currently is bringing in. This means tripple the opportunity your children have at succeeding in school and getting more one on one attention from teachers. Oregonians need to unite and that means doing whats meaningful for our children and youths futures. Life in Oregon has not been easy since George Bush reigned but we are not here judge, we are here to work on laying the foundation for our economy. When the vote comes in, this November – the power is in your hands.

Green Knottz LLC.

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