Meet The Team That Built Green Knottz LLC.

Green Knottz co/owner
co/owner - founder

Hello friends - it's a great feeling to help benefit the community of La Pine. A lot of work and time went in to getting a positive dispensary into the area. Please contact me for anything. Thanks.

Nicole at Green Knottz - Manager

It is a very profound incentive I have to help guide and lead Green Knottz in the area of public association. ``For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction``(Isaac Newton) - we want to provide the right action in order to keep a balance in the community of La Pine. Thank you and contact me anytime!

Inside Green Knottz

Our History,

“History is as we know it, written by the winners – this rings true with wars, discovery, and the people that accomplished something for the first time.”

Much goes into building a new start up business – especially in a new field framed around corrupt politics, legislation, and local codes aimed at preventing progress. Green Knottz opened the first Cannabis related business in La pine – at the time called: Green Knottz Compassion Center. We helped ailed patients with medical records, information, support, and confidence with cannabis to broaden their hopes of an alternative medicine. Through this charity and staunch position for cannabis we successfully helped thousands of people see a brighter future. The city of La Pine’s mayor and council members during this time were not so enthusiastic about this endeavor but nonetheless had no power to prevent such a positive and merging business. After about a year, we closed the compassion center and opened La Pine’s first Cannabis Dispensary fully licensed by the state of Oregon. Through the next two years we spent tremendous amounts of time siphoning what little money we had to piece together what is now known as the local shop.

Our first year in business as a dispensary brought the vultures to feast. The great city of La Pine under the rule of Ken Mulenex (The Mayor) in 2015 ushered in a tax on medicine that we knew could not be levied – we emailed councilors, the mayor, and the City Manager about this illicit tax with no response to be had. After about one month we hired Leland R. Berger of Portland,OR. to help us in a law suit against the city of La Pine. After suit had been filed with the local court system and the attention from the media including KTVZ news of bend, they quickly repealed their tax ordinance on cannabis with a blushing face and an embarrassing demeanor. We forced the Cities hand to administer both dispensaries tax revenue back to it’s rightful owners. None would have thought that a City would be taxing cancer patients, children, and the severely sick – but we were wrong.

On the contrary belief of some anti-cannabis groups in La Pine, we stayed strong, confident, and diligent in our plan to move forward. Following the next year, the city once again took up arms against cannabis – voting in a moratorium on Early Retail Sales of recreational cannabis despite the will of the voters in Oregon and 30+ La pine residents testimony – for cannabis. Whilst Bend, only 23 miles away proceeded with early retail sales – we once again got left out.

La Pine residents voted in Recreational sales in Nov. 2016, it took the City of La Pine as you might expect: 7 months to present us with a valid LUCS form which is required by OLCC for a license. We forfeited our OHA license and became fully Licensed with OLCC in July of 2017. What it took for us to get dispensaries in La Pine was standing up for not only what was right but what we believed in. Now over 3 years later we have the product of hard work, investment, and the support of our intelligent Oregon voters.

Thank you all so much, and welcome to the Local Shop!