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A lot awaits you here at Green Knottz. Que your order, Live Forum, Blog, Legitimate reviews, Information, and products to shop from.


We have grown, processed, and dispensed - and know a lot about almost every other avenue of the cannabis industry. We are not just a dispensary - we are a source for information if you have any questions. Please contact us if you need anything! La Pine's first dispensary says a lot.


Nothing says convenience like direct access off hwy 97. We are located in the La Pine Square within walking distance from the Best Western, Hunans Chineese restaurant, Figaros, and Rays. Due to the heavy burden of OCT. 1st - we are currently waiting to update our pricing on products. These prices are not accurate and will be fixed soon.

I know no other dispensary than Green Knottz! Always get treated right and they know their products. Thanks guys.

Shannon hallard


Green Knottz, thank you so much. You guys have some really fresh strains and stoney if I might add! That blue dream x sour diesel BHO was tasty too. Cheers guys.

Marion Salvator

Customer - Dabber

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Great products and friendly prices are what you will find at Green Knottz. Fast track to our shop page to view our in stock items. Medical orders are all that we can accept!

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We are working on the Green Knottz Que where you can put all the products you want in a que on our website so we can prepare your order ahead of your arrival. This functionality will be part of our members program. For more information check our blog page. Coming Soon! ``We are currently only Medical - hopefully we will be recreational in Dec. 2016``


"Pioneering the new era of cannabis"
Green Knottz LLC.

La Pine, Oregon is an old logging town that has been slowly populated and built over the last hundred plus years. Much has been seen through the hour glass of experiences here but few expected to see a plethora of recreational cannabis users, medical cannabis patients, and dispensaries. We started the first only cannabis related storefront here in 2014 to help ailed and curious people obtain their medical cannabis cards or provide valuable information about cannabis and it's adolescent legal industry. We have come a long way and we want to take this time to state that none of this would have been possible without the support of the La Pine community and the individuals that live in the city including surrounding areas. It is interesting to understand the long passage from prohibition leading us into this new age of tolerated and accepted legal cannabis use. We are proud to provide the tools and cannabis for you to indulge and imbibe whenever you desire. Green Knottz LLC. is an accumulation of hard work and over 15 years of cannabis experience, so when we say we are your local shop for anything you need - you know we mean it. Checkout our blog and links to information about La Pine; from outdoor activities, restaurants, fast food, chambers of commerce, and window shopping - our timeless city can help sustain your interest for days.